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Announcement from the President to the Cuban people - July 31, 2006, 6:22 p.m Fidel Castro Ruz temporarily turns over his responsibilities and authority to his brother Raúl Castro Ruz, and to the government ministers and the people of Cuba while he undergoes medical treatment.

President Fidel Castro offers Medical Aid to the American People. Cuba offer 1100 medical doctors, with 26.4 tons of medications to caring for the neediest persons in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina. Sept. 2, 2005

US Circuit Court overturns convictions of the Cuba 5!
A great victory for justice and the Cuban and American people united against state terrorism. Aug. 9, 2005

US Government forced by public outrage to "arrest" the terrorist Posada Carriles in Miami! Will they now turn him over to justice in Venezuela - or let him escape? May 17, 2005

Recent Poll Shows support for Bush's Cuba policies slipping among Cuban Americans - On this site. Results in PDF

John Kerry's Position on Cuba - On this site.

Cuba-Mexico relations worsen - Why? May 5th, 2004

Candidates on the Issues: Cuba, Check out the Democratic candidates' position on Cuba, Jan. 30, 2004

New House Cuba Travel Bill Companion to Senate travel bill (S. 950), May 21, 2003. Please read for information on this House bill and actions you can take!

Cuba Slams U.S. on Expulsion of Diplomats, May 14, 2003



5/2003 Migration Crisis Background paper Comments on the expulsion of 14 Cuban diplomats in Washington DC and New York and relationship to the US created migration crisis. PDF Version

5/17/03 US Operations against Cuba background paper issues fact sheets describing ongoing US terrorist and propaganda operations against Cuba. PDF Version

5/13/03 Press Conference Advisory announces two rallies; May 17th in support of Cuban Sovereignty and May 19th in Opposition to the U.S. Government’s 44 Year War on Cuba PDF Version
5/13/03 Press Release   No War On Cuba (NWC) Warns Bush Regime Against Modeling Cuba on Iraq PDF version

On June 15, 2004 new sanctions designed to tighten the blockade against Cuba were published in the Federal Register.
PDF version
Leaflet on 5-24-2004 demonstration against President Bush's use of the "Commission for Assistance to Free Cuba" to attack the sovereignty of Cuba. Meet 5:00 pm Lafayette Park, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, NW Washington DC. PDF version
Call-in Show on Cuba July 25 on WPFW-FM PDF version
Town Hall Meeting on Cuba, June 24, 2003in D.C. PDF in English
PDF in Spanish
PDF English/Spanish
Announcement on Solidarity action, May 17th in New York City PDF version
Leaflet on the May 17 and May 19th, 2003 Actions, in Spanish PDF version
Leaflet on the May 17 and May 19th, 2003 Actions, in English PDF version

 Updated: 08/04/2007