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Responses to US Laws Restricting Travel and Trade with Cuba:

US Laws Relating to Travel and Trade with Cuba.
This site provides up to date news, information and analysis relating to terrorism and acts of aggression against Cuba, including information about the five Cubans unjustly incarcerated in the United States for defending their country against terrorism.

BLOQUEO Looking at the U.S. Embargo a newly-released documentary by two young filmmakers that offers some answers. Featuring voices from the streets of Havana and the Cuban countryside, Bloqueo (or blockade) lets Cubans speak for themselves.

Center for Cuban Studies
Opened in 1972, the Center provides up-to-date information on trips to Cuba, Cuba-related activities, Cuban items for sale, including videos, T-shirts, note cards and postcards, CD • and more. Also hosts Cuban Art Space.

Cuba: Cost of Living (Discusses conditions as of 2001, but still relevant.)
A web site about life in Cuba today By Julián Gutiérrez with photos by Cindy O'Hara. It is on their web site"Cubamigo"! "What are the wages in Cuba? What is the cost of living? These are topics that are often used by our enemies to attack us. They even confuse many friends and even Cubans that live in Cuba, who repeat without thinking that their wage is between $10 and $20 USD. Of course the topic is very complex and I do not seek to exhaust everything that one could say about it. I would like you to analyze what I explain here and let's establish an exchange where you give your perspectives and bring up the doubts that you still have. "Check it out! but keep in mind the economy has improved since 2001 and the dollar was replaced by the Euro!.

Fidel Castro Reflections Here are several other archives of Fidel's writings and speeches. Send us others links worth adding;

Cuba: Information TV! NEW
Cuban TV! This new site has shows and news from Cuban TV and assorted documentaries. In Spanish of course, but even if you don't understand Spanish, you will get an excellent view of TV and contemporary documentaries in Cuba. For example, here are some selections. Lots of surprises!:

Popular Selections include video, news and information:

  • Are there elections in Cuba?
  • Are Cuban's escaping from their country?
  • Who in the world is trying to manipulate Cuba/Venezuela relations?
  • The new undersea cable from Cuba to Venezuela
  • Free software in Cuba
  • Humor, Music, Dance, etc......

Cuba: Issues & Answers
Dozens of articles and links from a progressive view of important issues concerning Cuba, by Dan Christensen. Particularly good is his "Quotable Quotes" page, as it features some very telling quotes about US-Cuban relations from the likes of Nelson Mandela, Noam Chomsky, the Conference of the Catholic Bishops of Cuba and the former head of the U.S. Interests Section, Wayne Smith.

Cuba: Ministry of Foreign Affairs Cuba Minrex, web site of the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Has many good links to government and other sources of information. This link is to the English page. The Spanish page say it is best viewed in MS Internet Explorer and has more information.

Cuba, Vietnam and the United States
Some good articles and links by historian Jane Franklin, a contributing editor to Cuba Update, the journal of the Center for Cuban Studies in New York City. Articles include "The Cuba Obsession: The True History of CANF (The Cuban American National Foundation)," which appeared in 'The Progressive' and the recent article "Cuba-US Relations During the War on Terror."

CubaCoopera - International Health Cooperation of the Government of Cuba (This site is temporarily down. There are many other sources and we will post some shortly.)

This photo is of the 1500 Cuban doctors ready to go to help after Katrina. Bush rejected Cuba's offer of help and the medical situation in the New Orleans area is still woefully inadequate.

Cuban Doctors set to come help after Katrina

This site put up in 2007, covers Cuba's incredible programs providing health care and medical and literacy training to hundreds of thousands of people in need throughout Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa and many other countries.
Cuban International Health Care
Cuba has sent highly trained brigades of tens of thousands of doctors and other health care workers to over 150 countries serving over millions of people who were without care.
Cuba has given free medical education to over 76 thousand students from 126 countries. See Free medical education in Cuba
Operación Milagro or Mission Miracle
As of July 18, 2007, Cuba has donated 37 ophthalmologic centers in over 30 countries in Latin American, the Caribbean and Africa where 726,988 patients have already been operated on by more than 600 Cuban public health professionals and ophthalmologists. In Cuba 142,723 operations means one out of every 80 Cubans has benefited.
"Yo Si Puedo" or The “YES I CAN" literacy program
Internationalist Detachments of tens of thousands of Cuban professors have developed literacy programs in 27 countries. Bringing materials and programs have resulted in over 2 million people learning to read and write in 18 countries alone.
Countries which have benefited so far include:
Venezuela, Haiti, Paraguay, Argentina, Mexico, Panama, Ecuador, Bolivia, Brazil, Peru, Honduras, Nicaragua, Colombia, Uruguay, Grenada, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Guinea Bissau, Mozambique, New Zealand, El Salvador, Guatemala and Dominican Republic. [Please note all these figures are in flux and cover multiple programs.]

Highly recommended is the excellent film Salud! on Cuba's health care. Check out their web site at:

Cuban American American Alliance
The alliance is a national network of Cuban Americans that educates the public on issues related to hardships resulting from current United States-Cuba relations. They have their own set of very useful links to advocacy, trade, humanitarian, travel and governmental groups relating to Cuba and Cuban Americans.

Cuban Medical Professional Parole Program (US government program to bribe Cuban doctors to defect to the US.)
Cuba has sent brigades of medical personnel to over 70 countries to provide free care to local populations in crisis situations or simply lacking needed medical care.

A good overview is at the Latin American Working Groups LAWG page United States Efforts to Undermine Cuban Medical Aid Programs by Guest Blogger, Dr. Michael Erisman, Indiana State University on July 02, 2013.

In some cases the local government reimburses Cuba for these services and the doctors receive stipends and later part of the payment when they return to Cuba. The cost to the host countries is far less than hiring local or foreign doctors if available and the funds help Cuba pay for its universal health care services free to all Cubans and many others. This US State department program is labeled "Diplomacy In Action" but is really an attempt to diminish the good will Cuba receives for these services and in fact shows disregard for the thousands of poor people who desperately need the Cuban help. In 2015 while the US claims to want normal relations, the US is still promoting this program and even calling these doctors a form of "human trafficking." Yet when Cuba stepped up with the largest and first major contingent of medical volunteers to fight Ebola, even the US had to admit this was praiseworthy. In contrast, the US government sent military personnel who ended up treating few or none of the sufferers. Clearly this "Parole" program is criminal and should be stopped.

Free Medical Education in Cuba! (See also CubaCoopera)
Free medical school! Sounds impossible to US citizens. When people first hear it, they can't believe that Cuba has offered and is proving totally free medical education of various specialties to poor and minority students from countries all over the world. How could Cuba, a "3rd World" country itself really be doing this. If they do a simple web search, it turns out that not only has Cuba provided such training to thousands of specialist from the Caribbean, Latin America and Africa, but more recently, they even offered this training to US students! And as a result of the priority of free medical care and education in Cuba for all Cubans, on 6/25/2007, Dr. Marche codirector of the National Institute of Medical Genetics in Cuba, pointed out that over 100,000 Cuban health workers are now serving in 103 countries! Also check out the excellent resource page on the Medical School on the Salud film site at: .

Internet Resources from Cuba "This is a collection of Cuban Internet resources. Originally, I began this collection as a project for the National Network on Cuba (NNOC), Cuba Solidarity in 2004. In January 2006, I obtained a telephone directory from ETECSA, the Cuban telephone company which includes a directory of internet addresses. That was mined for all functioning addresses. From there I went to all the sites that I had, and mined them for additional sites. I have not finished that project. Currently, I am entering the sites I have and writing descriptive annotations into this searchable directory.
(August 4, 2006) Dana Lubow, Librarian, L. A. Valley College.

La Brigada de Solidaridad con Cuba
This organization, of the Medical School of Villa Clara, Cuba, offers information about the activities carried out by medical students, in solidarity with Cuba and in support of the Cuban revolution.

The National Committee to Free The Five
An activist site with a great deal of detailed information on the background of U.S. hostilities toward Cuba and on the case of the Cuban Five. Get involved in their ongoing efforts to free the five!

Latin American Solidarity Coalition
An association of national and local US-based grass roots Latin America and Caribbean solidarity groups.

Latin American School of Medical Sciences (Escuela Latinoamericana de Ciencias Médicas) is online now. (See also CubaCoopera) Visit their site, which includes an application for admission. Also check out information about free medical education in Cuba. This is also open to US applicants!

MEDICC Review - International Journal of Cuban Health & Medicine. "Medical Education Cooperation with Cuba (MEDICC) is a non-profit organization working to enhance cooperation among the US, Cuban and global health communities aimed at better health outcomes. Founded in 1997, our experience has taught us that health care in the United States and developing countries alike – especially for under served populations – can be informed by Cuba’s singular and evolving health practices, research and policies. We see that the US experience in medicine and medical research can also inform practice in Cuba and the developing world. Above all, we believe that such cooperation is urgently needed to radically improve global health and achieve the birthright of health for all worldwide."

National Network on Cuba ( – web site of the National Network on Cuba, umbrella organization for many pro-normalization/solidarity groups in the U.S.). This coalition of groups supports peaceful and respectful relations with Cuba. Their site features not only news about and statements from Cuba, but also comprehensive listings of U.S. groups, events both U.S. and International, information about travel to the island, and the world’s most thorough-going list of Cuban web sites.

Progreso Semanal (Español) and Progreso Weekly (English)
Progressive articles and radio broadcasts in English and Spanish on the Miami - Cuba issues.

Project Infomed's Cuba Solidarity Web Site
Look here for all you ever wanted to know about the Cuban health care system, the effects of the embargo on the health of the Cuban people, and the various Cuban solidarity efforts that have been made by American medical professionals.

Radio Habana Cuba
Designed to bring the truth about the Cuban Revolution to the world, Radio Habana Cuba broadcasts in nine languages: Spanish, English, French, Portuguese, Arabic, Quechua, Guarani, Creole and Esperanto, 30 hours a day, with a varied programming that includes news, music and features.

Right wing or Counter Revolutionary Links and Sources This web site is dedicated to respecting Cuba's sovereignty and therefore chosen not to facilitate the well funded sites and groups who malign or attack Cuba. Instead we provide information that is both more objective and supportive of the Cuba's rights as a nation and people. Any Google search of Cuba and other terms will provide you with an idea of the opposition sites and sources.

Salud! This excellent film on Cuba's health care is highly recommended. Check out their web site at:

USCSCA US-Cuba Sister Cities Association
USCSCA is a national non-profit membership association, incorporated expressly to assist any individual or institution in the U.S. in establishing a successful partnership with people and communities in Cuba. Being part of the international ‘citizen diplomacy’ network, we promote traditional ‘people-to-people’ programs as enjoyed by sister cities worldwide.
The homepage of Walter Lippmann, a seasoned writer, photographer and Cuban solidarity activist. The site is filled with thoughtful articles on Cuba, many of them written by Walter himself from personal experience. Be sure to scroll all the way down on the page for articles such as "Noam Chomsky in Cuba," "An American in Havana" and "Fahrenheit 9/11", which includes Cuban reactions to the documentary.

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