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Previous & Upcoming Events:

6-23-2007 - INFORMATIONAL PICKET at American Library Association Convention to counter Slander of Cuban Libraries
Saturday, June 23, 2007, 9:00 am - 1 pm
Washington Convention Center, 801 Mount Vernon Pl., NW Wash. DC 20001

An outfit calling itself "Friends of Cuban Libraries" will take its slander campaign against Cuban libraries to the American Library Association (ALA) conference this weekend in Washington, DC. The group will picket the opening of the ALA to protest the inclusion of two Cuban documentaries, "The Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil” and "Salud! What Puts Cuba on the Map in the Quest for Global Health Care," during a Human Rights Festival held by The Princeton Public Library. The library's director is Leslie Burger who is also the current president of ALA. On June 23rd the No War On Cuba Movement coalition and other community members who support freedom of information and honest reporting will be counter protesting against the campaign by Friends of Cuban Libraries to slander the Cuban revolution. More background on this issue. Advisary Leaflet on this picket

5-20-2007- May 20th Demonstration Demanded:
Hands off cuba & Venezuela
We gathered at Malcolm X Park, 15th St. & Euclid NW, and marched to offer our support at the Cuban Interests Section and then marched to Lafayette Park for a Rally at in front of the White House.

  • Stop us intervention and hostile campaigns against Venezuela; Defend Venezuela's sovereignty.
  • Stop Washington's economic and political war against Cuba; End the blockade of Cuba.
  • Allow U.S. citizens and legal residents to travel freely to Cuba; Normalize U.S.-Cuban relations.
  • Extradite the terrorist Luis Posada Carilles to Venezuela; Free the Cuban Five anti-terrorist prisoners; Close the Guantanamo Torture Camp; Return Guantanamo to Cuba.
  • Stop U.S. military intervention in Latin America and the Caribbean


1-18-2007 - FILM: Bloqueo; The War Against Cuba
Thursday, January 18, 2007, 6:30-8:30 pm
Festival Center 1640 Columbia Rd NW, Wash. DC
Join SALSA and the No War On Cuba Movement for a screening about the US' war against Cuba. Through archive imagery and interviews of renowned Cuban leaders, Bloqueo; The War Against Cuba reflects the genesis, content and consequences of the 4 decades long brutal blockade. The film shows the damages, loss of human life, and economic aggressions that have caused the present conditions in all fields of Cuban Society. Emphasizing the incredible resistance of the Cuban people in the face of this dirty war, Bloqueo; The War Against Cuba denounces and rejects the genocide carried out by various US administrations and condemned by the international community at the United Nations. It depicts the terrorism no one wants to speak about. The screening will be followed by a panel discussion with representatives from the No War On Cuba Movement and the Cuban Diplomatic Mission in Washington DC.
A $5 donation is suggested to help with the space BUT no one will be turned away for lack of funds. Please pre-register:

5-20-2006 - Hands Off Venezuela & Cuba - March on Washington, D.C
We gathered at Malcolm X Park, 15th St. & Euclid NW, then Marched first to the Cuban Interests Section to show out support and then marched off toto Lafayette Park for a Rally at 2 PM in front of the White House.

At the Cuban Interests Section and then off to the White House!

Check out the leaflets and organizing announcements on these sites:

Links,Leaflets and Posters:

Leaflet in English & Spanish, print with Stamp enabled.
May 20th DC LOC Poster.pd
11x17 poster for the DC Local Organizing Committee
May 20th DCLOC Flyer-Hi Rez.pdf
Hi quality version of the local flyer
May 20th DCLOC Flyer.pdf
Flyer for the DC Local Organizing Committee
May 20th DCLOC Poster 22x17.pdf
Poster on 2 11x17 sheets, making 22x17
May 20th DCLOC Spanish Flyer.pdf
Spanish Flyer with DC contact info

National May 20th Organizing

National Network on Cuba

Hands off Venezuela

3-18-2006 Again! - Demonstrators say "NO!" to Provocations against Cuba! We got a notice that three right wing Cuban groups called for a big protest at the Cuban Interests Section in DC and around the world on the 3rd anniversary of the 2003 arrests of the so-called Cuban dissidents, who Cuba jailed as paid agents of the US government. In spite of shortness of time, and other major pre-scheduled events, we mustered over 60 people in a few hours and these three right wing groups with all their apparent bluster and financial backing, brought out a total of 8 people! Again we kept them from both the front of the Consulate and the Interests Section!

No War on Cuba along with Alliance for Global Justice, A-APRP, Pan-African Roots, Pastors for Peace, and other organizations and individuals successfully said "NO!"again to the latest provocations against Cuba. This appears to be part of an escalation of the US government's effort to build up to its intended launching of new offensives against Cuba!

2-25-2006 A CALL TO ACTION!
Saturday, Feb. 25, 2630 16th Street, NW Wash., DC
We called on all social justice organizations, all peace and justice loving people! All those who recognize that U.S. policy against Cuba is unjust! JOIN THE NO WAR ON CUBA MOVEMENT and other organizations and individuals to say "NO!" to the latest provocations against Cuba! - Photos!

[The Provocation...] On Saturday, February 25, a group named The Cuban Memorial Committee (CMC) called a protest at 11am in front of the Cuban Interests Section in Washington DC, regarding what they allege to be human rights abuses in Cuba. They planed to deliver a letter at the entrance of the Interests Section that would contain the names of "victims."

We suspect this and other recent provocations are acts of desperation in view of the fact that the extremist anti-Cuban right wing community will soon loose their most loyal support; The federal and state administrations of the Bush's. Jeb Bush's term will be over in a few months and his little-big brother in the White House will be fairly close behind him. Right-wing extremist Cuban-Americans are desperate to make the US government "deal with Castro" now before they are looking at a less accommodating administration.

Report: The turnout of the right-wing CMC for this demonstration was at most 12! We had well over 90 during the day and blocked them from both the Cuban Interest Section and the Consulate. Those of us who support normalized and just relations with our neighbors, showed that support for relations of respect with Cuba is greater than their backward desires to destabilize our innocent neighbor.

After the Demonstration, the CMC had to resort to lies to hide their poor performance. We know how successful our event was and how we conducted ourselves, but check out this example of how the right wing lies to themselves:

Writing on the web site of the CMC, they declared that in order to deliver their petition to the Cuban Interest Section:

"They had to push aside by force a group of contra-demonstrators made up mainly of homeless from the area and Latin American immigrants Communist sympathizers ordered and paid by the office of Cuban Interests in Washington as they blocked the access to the door of the embassy with the main objective to prevent its presentation."

Notice how many lies there are in this one sentence. They didn't have to "push" us aside, since we made a clear path for them to try their futile delivery. Its a little sloppy to call us "contra-demonstratiors, but "homeless from the area!" And then "Latin American immigrants!" By accusing us of being mainly homeless and immigrants they imply we are poor, illegal and undoubtedly included a lot of people of color. Then following this barely hidden racism, they pathetically claim we are "paid" by the Cubans!

Finally their fear has them describe us as blocking access to the embassy. The truth is that the only pushing that took place was when one of them pushed one of the young women with us off the sidewalk. Furious as this arrogant act, she pressed charges of assault and since the police were witnesses, he was arrested and taken away.

The only thing they got right is that we did block their real aims which were to attack Cuba. Apparently, the only way they can pretend success is to distort reality.

(Compare their and our photographs and note how they left out their signs for Alpha 66 which is a notorious terrorist organization.)

The Case of Three Governments, A Terrorist, & Five Heroes
Wednesday November 16th 2005, 6:30 - 8:30 pm
Busboys & Poets, 14th & V Street NW, Wash DC
The Bush administration’s “war on terrorism” is inundated with contradictions and double standards. This is overwhelmingly obvious in the cases involving Luis Posada Carriles, “the most notorious terrorist of Latin America”, and five Cubans imprisoned by the US government for trying to stop terrorism by the likes of Posada.
Why then is a notorious terrorist being protected from justice, while five heroes whose convictions were rightfully overturned remain imprisoned?
Join SALSA, the DC Chapter of the National Lawyers Guild and the No War On Cuba Movement as we examine the background of these cases and explore the answer to that important question. In addition to video presentation there will be a legal the analysis of the cases by Jose Pertierra and Leonard Weinglas, attorneys who are working on the respective cases. LEAFLET
This event is FREE and open to the public, but please register or for more information call 202 234-9382

STOP U.S. ATTACKS ON CUBA Demonstrate against the US misuse of the UN Commission on Human Rights. Join us at 5 pm at the Cuban Interests Section (on the front sidewalk) 2630 16th Street, NW Washington DC. Indymedia Report
From March 14th to April 22nd, 2005, the 61st session of the UN Commission on Human Rights will take place in Geneva, where once more the US government will try to pass a resolution against Cuba. We know that in fact, there is no basis to condemn Cuba on the issue of human rights violations because their record on respecting and upholding basic human rights is acknowledged world wide as an international model. However, given the United States' belligerent stance towards many countries around the world, we strongly believe that any human rights resolution passed in Geneva could be used to justify increased aggression against Cuba. 

The Commission must represent every United Nations member State and ensure respect for the rights of all men and women worldwide. It is significant, however, that within the UN Commission, during last year’s sessions, it was impossible to evaluate or even debate the atrocious violations of human rights taking place in U.S. prisons in Abuh Ghraib and Guantanamo.

Don’t allow the UN Commission to be used to legitimize the Bush administration’s aggressive policy against the poor of the world!

A Celebration of Salsa, Poetry, Música, Menú y Mojitos
To support the National Network on Cuba's 2nd bi-annual Conference of 2004, No War on Cuba is hosting a evening of dance, poetry and a chance to socialize with delegates from NNOC and our counter-parts visiting from Cuba. Come to the Café Mawonaj 624 T Street, NW, Washington, DC (Half a block from the Shaw-Howard Univ. Metro station on the green line.) Saturday, October 2, 2004 8pm - 2am  $5 admission, cash bar!! PDF Leaflet

Film Fundraiser showing BURN to Celebrate the Cuban Revolution.
Starring Marlon Brando and directed by Gillo Pontecorvo, BURN is one of the few US films that reveal the drama of how colonialism and imperialism conspire in the Caribbean and the Americas. It is being shown is being shown at a time of increasing US attacks and threats on Iraq, Haiti, Cuba and other countries. Film at 7 pm and speakers and poetry at 9 pm at Cafe Mawonaj, 624 T Street NW, Wash., DC, half a block from the Shaw-Howard Univ. Metro Station on the Green Line. Tickets from NWC members or call 301-938-4628. Large Leaflet for posting and Small Leaflet for handouts.

On June 15, 2004 new sanctions designed to tighten the blockade against Cuba were published in the Federal Register. They are the findings of the Commission for Assistance to a Free Cuba (CAFC) appointed by George Bush last October. As of June 30th, 2004 these findings become the government's new US foreign policy with Cuba. While Washington's existing policy towards Cuba has always been very harsh, these new measures severely increase the hardships faced by many caused by the current blockade the U.S. government has on Cuba. Here are just a few (more).

Defining The Issues Series: Bush Administration Intensifies Threats toward Cuba
An Institute for Policy Studies Briefing

on the new measures against Cuba recommended by the US State Department. The discussion will be broadcast on Pacifica Radio Network stations across the country. Panelists, including NWC, discussed the new developments in U.S.-Cuba relations and explained many of their implications. An audio recording of the event. CD can be purchased from IPS.

Demonstration against President Bush's use of the "Commission for Assistance to Free Cuba" to attack the sovereignty of Cuba. Meet 5:00 pm Lafayette Park, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, NW Washington DC. Leaflet in PDF format. Photo

Live Briefing & Video Screening University of D.C.

Protest: Saturday at the White House! -- No to Another Coup in Haiti!

"We Ourselves" Radio Show
WPFW 89.3 FM Wash. DC, Friday, March 5, 2004 10-11am.

No War On Cuba Movement (NWC) Objects To Bush’s Latest Cuba Invasion Plan
NWC rejected the Bush administration’s latest scheme to overthrow the Cuban government through its brazenly titled “Commission for Assistance to a Free Cuba” (CAFC). PDF format - Also see NWC's Fact Sheet on CAFC.

After July 26, 2003
Reports back from the many members of Now War on Cuba Movement returning from work and study in Cuba.

Aug. 5, 2003
Harassment-Free Crossing Greeted by Canadian and Buffalo Rallies

July 25, 2003
Live Call-in Show on Cuba
on WPFW-FM, 89.3. 10 am to 12:00 pm. Call 202-588-0893 Leaflet

July 20, 2003

June 24th, 2003
Town Hall Meeting and discussion on US-Cuba relations (Español)
6 to 8:30 PM, All Souls Church, Harvard & 16th St, NW Washington DC. Speakers included Rev. Lucius Walker Leonard Weinglass, Jose Pertierra, and a representative from the Cuban Interests Section and others...
Leaflet - New English! - New Spanish - Reports - Photos - Audio CD's

CD audio recording of the Town Hall Meeting on Cuban and US relations. This two CD set in over 2 hours and includes all five speakers and question and answers as the end. $15.00 included priority shipping.

MAY 19, 2003
Join us to tell the Treasury Department: HANDS OFF CUBA!
END THE BLOCKADE! Protest against the Treasury Department's restrictions on travel and trade with Cuba. 5PM, Wash. DC. Photos

May 17th, 2003
Demonstration at the Cuban Mission in New York City
SPEAKERS 12-1 PM, 4-6 PM
Northwest corner of 37th St. and Lexington Ave., in front of the Cuban Mission to the United Nations

May 17, 2003
Demonstration at Cuban Interests Section against attacks on Cuba by the US government and right wing Miami Mafia. 9am Wash., DC. Photos Report Press Release

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