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No War On Cuba!

MAY 13, 2003
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No War On Cuba (NWC) Warns
Bush Regime Against Modeling Cuba on Iraq

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Warning the Bush regime that its recent aggressive policy actions toward Cuba are unacceptable and will be vigorously challenged, the “No War on Cuba (NWC) Movement” will gather at 9 a.m. on Saturday May 17, 2003, outside the Cuban Interests Section (2630 16th Street), to express united support for Cuban sovereignty and peace.

Recent provocations by the U.S. Government toward Cuba have escalated the nearly 50 year campaign of American state-sponsored terrorism against the Cuban people, and appear designed to fuel a crisis that would provide cover for U.S. military action against Cuba. NWC absolutely opposes terrorism, by its own government or any other, and demands that the U.S. Government cease its hostilities toward Cuba and recognize Cuba’s right to peaceful self-determination.

The Bush regime’s war on Iraq took only 13 years to fully prosecute, from UN sanctions and US blockade in 1990, stretching to occupation in 2003. The war on Cuba has gone on considerably longer, yet there is no reason to believe the desired conclusion is any different. Beginning in 1959 with its overt aerial bombings of sugar mills and strafing of civilians, continuing with the Bay of Pigs invasion and concentrating finally on a more covert war characterized by crippling economic sanctions, anti-Cuban propaganda, and support and protection of anti-Cuban terrorists training in the Everglades, the U.S. Government has spent hundreds of millions of dollars over the past 44 years to destabilize and ultimately, overthrow the sovereign government chosen by Cuba’s citizens.

Recent, additional U.S. Government provocations include:

In addition to its own continually escalating campaign against Cuba’s citizens, the US Government has reached beyond its own borders to force other countries to punish Cuba too. The Helms Burton law and the Torricelli Act punish foreign companies who do business with Cuba, and drive other countries into the business of starving and maiming Cuban citizens by increasing Cuba’s costs to import food and medicine.

American citizens who defy their government’s laws by visiting Cuba without a license can expect to be intimidated, harassed, and ultimately, threatened with substantial fines, for exercising their constitutional freedom to travel. Those who go to the trouble of applying for a license are routinely turned down.

NWC seeks an end to these destructive policies of interference, war and occupation, and supports the constructive policy of peaceful co-existence with Cuba.

(Posted 5/28/03 - Updated 9/18/2004)