No War on Cuba - Demonstration
in front of the Cuban Interests Section in Washington, DC


May 17, 2003 we started gathering before 8 AM in front of the Cuban Interests Section in Washington, DC. By 9:00 we had doubled our numbers. We'll get that photo soon! (125kb)

We started arriving well before 8 am and stayed until after 2 pm and the counter demonstrators had gone.


Diode and ??? (107kb)

Olivia and Carlos. He came from NYC and helped us make it a most successful demonstration! Olivia and Shirley and many others made it all work. (116kb)

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Shirley wasn't really tired, just relaxing! (134kb) A quite moment! (100kb)

Free the Cuban Five! (155kb)

Starting before 8 am, we grew to over 100 at the high point.

A group from Baltimore joined the many others there that day. (142kb)

Many groups and individuals came and went during the day.

A US military photographer? (139kb)

US Military Photographers?

The gusanos arrived after 9 AM and we not only outnumbered them all day, but what is with the con-joined Cuba-US flags? (148kb)

The counter demonstrators never outnumbered us.

The Maimi Cubans included no people of color - except on their signs. Needless to say, their comments and behavior lacked creativity or sense. (153kb)

Compare their lack of diversity - and what they stand for, to ours!


We just kept growing...
[Read a report on this event.]

Whereas we were certainly diverse, creative, colorful, and full of ideas and lots of great spirit! (173kb)

Updated: 08/04/2007