Town Hall Meeting on US-Cuba Relations

June 24, 2003

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No War on Cuba Movement Town Hall Meeting on US-Cuba Relations, past and present took place June 24th at the All Souls Church in Washington, DC. The event with 5 speakers was aired over WPFW-FM later that night. (69kb) The five speekers were heard later that night on WPFW-FM. (97kb) Nancy Wright, speaking for No War on Cuba Movement, presented the historical and poltical background. (104kb)
Rev. Lucius Walker, founder of Pastors for Peace, presented an impassioned overview of the work of his organization against the cruel effects of the US government's embargo and attacks against Cuba. (109kb) Jose Pertierra, a Cuban American immigration rights lawyer clarified how the policies and laws of the US government impact the human and legal rights of Cubans and Americans. (42kb)
Lenard Weinglass, attorney for Antonio Guerrero, one of the five Cuban patriots being held unjustly in US prisons explained how the five were actually anti-terrorists, working to prevent terrorist violence being launced from Miami against Cuba. He also detailed the abuses of the human rights of these five prisoners by US authorities. (99kb) During the more than two hours, the crowd grew to over 200 people. After the speeches, questions and responses were taken from the floor. Over 40 people asked to get invoved with No War on Cuba! (88kb) Some of the organizers with the Rev. Walker after the event. (76kb)
Lots of tables and talk. (81kb) Nefta and Diode were among those who made it a great success. (71kb) Shirley and Chawi couldn't be happier at the outcome. (43kb)
Sandy, who was doing video, brought Zane, one of the youths going to Cuba in July as part of the US Cuba Youth Exchange. (99kb)

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1-8 by W. Teague
9-14 by S. Waters

Shirley and Sonia with Prieto from the Interests Section. (75kb)