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December 15, 2003

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No War On Cuba Movement (NWC) Objects

To Bush’s Latest Cuba Invasion Plan


WASHINGTON, D.C.   The Washington D.C. based “No War on Cuba Movement” (NWC) today publicly rejected the Bush administration’s latest scheme to overthrow the Cuban government through its brazenly titled “Commission for Assistance to a Free Cuba” (CAFC).


“While the Commission has been viewed by some as little more than an attempt to curry favor with wealthy Cuban American campaign contributors in an election year, we at No War on Cuba (NWC) believe that the CAFC threat to Cuba is considerably more serious,” said Olivia Burlingame, NWC spokeswoman.


At a time when U.S. troops continue to suffer daily casualties in the occupation of Iraq, the National Security Advisor in charge of that situation, Condoleeza Rice, Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge, Secretary of State Colin Powell, and representatives from 19 Federal Agencies, including the Department of Defense chose to ignore that ongoing war in favor of a meeting at the White House to discuss remaking Cuba’s government in the United States’ own image.  Included in that meeting were representatives from such assorted agencies as the EPA and Health and Human Services, who have serious challenges to overcome at home without turning their attention to U.S. sponsored coups in foreign nations.


“This comprehensive meeting of cabinet and federal agency representatives, in combination with nearly half a century of covert and overt terrorist attacks on Cuba, a genocidal blockade, and the wasteful expenditure of hundreds of millions of dollars to fund opposition to the Cuban government, lead us to believe that Cuba is high on the Bush administration’s list as a military target,” continued Burlingame.  “We’ve seen that for this administration, almost any pretext for military invasion will do, regardless of world opinion,” she added.


The No War on Cuba Movement is a coalition of groups and individuals who oppose U.S. aggression toward Cuba in all forms – economic, political, and military.  We are speaking out against the aims of the White House “Commission for Assistance to a Free Cuba” because they violate the peace.  They violate the will of the people as evidenced by the recent Congressional vote to overturn the Cuba travel ban.  They violate the will of the world as evidenced by the repeated virtually unanimous U.N. votes condemning the United States blockade against Cuba.  And they violate international law.  These actions have wreaked havoc on a peaceful nation that has never attacked the United States, and if carried to conclusion, will force U.S. troops into yet another unjust war and senseless occupation, with numerous casualties, orphaned children, environmental destruction, and a growing legacy of bitterness against the arrogance of U.S. hegemony.

 (Posted 12/15/03 - Updated 9/2/2004)