"Defining The Issues" is a bi-weekly, discussion with a live audience, pre-recorded and later broadcasts on Pacifica Radio Network Stations across the country. Over the next few months IPS will play host to nationally known speakers, such as, Ralph Nader, Howard Zinn, Saul Landau, Barbara Ehrenreich, Kurt Vonnegut, Molly Ivins, and Nat Hentoff. The programs will also bring to the table the politically conservative voices. Previous guests included Arianna Huffington and Michael Edwards."

I've already give suggestions to the panelist about what they should present so that each offers something different according to thier area of work/expertise. Thus each can be introduced as such:

Mavis Anderson - is a Senior Associate with the Latin America Working Group and covers US policy toward Cuba for LAWG. Mavis cultivates congressional, organizational and grassroots support for the LAWG coalition's efforts to end the US embargo on Cuba. This afternoon, Mavis will give us an overview of new policy recommendations from US State Department's "Commission to Assist a Free Cuba" (CAFC). Mavis will explain thier major points and likely effects on Cuban Americans and other US citizens.

Jamila Thompson - is the Legislative Assistant for Congresswoman Barbara Lee and covers issues related to Cuba and all of the Caribbean. Jamila will explain what role the Congress has played in relationship to CAFC. What are some of the positions and actions being taken in the House regarding the implimentation of CAFC?

James Early - has been a leader in the progressive movement and has worked on Cuba for several decades. For the past six years, he has been the Chair of the Board of Trustees of the Institute for Policy Studies. James will explain what drives US foreign policy toward Cuba in general and what an alternative and progressive US foreign policy toward Cuba could look like.

Walter Teague - Is an organizer with the No War On Cuba Movement and a social worker in MD and DC. Walter has traveled and done research on social work innovations in Cuba and will share with us the activist perspective of his group and what they mean by "war".

Audio of this 55 minute presentation is downloadable at http://www.ips-dc.org/radio/