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Havana. October 14, 2004


Let the empire make no mistake!

“IT is impossible for the empire to make its ‘transition plan’ a reality,” affirmed Ricardo Alarcón de Quesada, president of the National Assembly, during an online forum on the blockade. “First they would have to invade this country and occupy it militarily and then crush the resistance of our people, and that is something they will never achieve,” he commented.

On October 13, Alarcón took part in an interesting interchange sponsored by the Cuba versus Bloqueo website (electronic addresses www.cubavsbloqueo.cu and www.cubaminrex.cu ) with the opportunity of a direct response – in Spanish, French and English – to questions and comments for surfers in communication from various European and American countries.

“We are prepared and ready to fight to the last man and woman to prevent that,” the parliamentary leader stressed in one of his responses. “If they attack us, here they will find a united, educated people, the owners of a glorious history of heroism, battles and sacrifices for freedom, who will never renounce their independence or ideals of justice and solidarity; who will never renounce the beautiful, noble and profoundly humane work that they have built despite the aggression of the empire. If they attack us, they will suffer their greatest and most shameful defeat here.”

Various questions touched on the issue of the document on the so-called transition in Cuba, launched on May 6 by the Commission for Assistance to a Free Cuba headed by Colin Powell, which discloses the latest annexationist plans of the U.S. administration.

In response to one navigator, Alarcón noted that this document defines the key question of imperial “aid” to the island, when what it calls a transition government is installed, which would proceed to the return of properties nationalized by the Revolution over the last 45 years.

“But this would not be a function of that so-called Cuban government. The document says that the mechanism in charge of that would be a U.S. government structure, the Commission for the Restitution of Property Rights.”


Moreover, Chapter III of the Plan states that the intervention would be based on a model of what they have done in Afghanistan and Iraq, observed Alarcón in response to another question.

Referring to the Cuban electoral process, he stated that “those attempting to impose the U.S. model on others are faced with an insurmountable problem. The majority of the U.S. people do not believe in it. Not even 50% of the population who enjoy the difficult privilege of appearing on the electoral register turn out at the polls for their elections. And the figure of those who do count as voters is riddled with fraud, which allows some people to vote more than once, among them an appreciable number of visitants from beyond the grave.”

In order to ensure the complete re-conversion of the electoral system the U.S. government “would dictate laws and regulations, designate advisors and train officials at all levels... and remember, any protest would be crushed by the new police force, under the complete leadership and control of the State Department.”

Alarcón advised that it would be a great error not to assess the plan in all its aspects, or to underestimate the significance of Bush’s electoral interests in Florida.

“It is about a U.S. governmental plan that seeks to provoke internal destabilization and propitiate direct military intervention through the intensification of its economic and political aggression. Its proposition is to destroy the Revolution, achieve the restoration of capitalism and perpetuate total Yankee domination over the Cuban nation.”

“The U.S. plan leaves nothing out, it covers all aspects of life. It is not just about dominating Cuba but placing the economy, services, all social activities under its control; in fact undertaking the annexation of the country that would barely have a few imaginary national authorities totally subjected to a foreign power.”

For that reason, Alarcón affirmed, the National Assembly of People’s Power has characterized the document as “a plan to annihilate the Cuban nation.”


The plan envisages the complete privatization of the economy, including sectors such as education, health and social security, he explained to another Forum participant.

The plan’s authors recognize that it will not be easy to occupy a country, administer it, lead it, privatize its economy and snatch from people everything that they have, he noted.

“And that is why they define that the most immediate thing to have to do is to create a police corps and that the State Department will have responsibility for its total organization and leadership,” he added.

This plan is a dream of the empire, “and if they try to realize it, it will turn into a nightmare,” concluded the parliamentary president. “Let the empire make no mistake!” (Jean-Guy Allard)

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